Menu of Services

All services are available for home or business needs.

Hire a Professional

Personal Assistance:

  • Impeccable taste: Personal Shopper/Attire Stylist (gifts; wrapped, and delivered)
  • Organization
  • Travel planner / travel assistant
  • Pool, plant, dog/cat, house-sitting
  • Event Planner (holiday parties, spectacular anniversaries, special occations)
  • Home/Office design

Health is Wealth Services

  • Personal Training
  • Meal planning
  • Personal Life Coach and Motivator

Relaxation and Spa services:

  • 60-120 minute Massage Therapy
    *ask about our 20 minute Neck/Shoulder Massage available for office teams.
  • Manicure
  • Refreshing facial
  • Personal grooming (shave/trim/wax)

Exclusive. Memberships available.
Email for more information.


Membership Levels

  • Misc. Service
  • Individual Services
  • Misc. Service
  • Individual Services
  • Misc Service